Important Documents In International Shipping (Delivery)

There are several documents required for the shipment of goods, including: Shipping Instruction (SI), Invoice, Packing List, Airwaybill.

  • Shipping Instruction are shipping orders from shippers to freight forwarders. Transactions on the mark with the Shipping Instruction (SI). SI contains among others: the name and address of the sender, the recipient’s name and address, description of the goods, and the amount of goods.
  • Invoice is a document that contains shipment data include the price of goods.
  • Packing List is a document that contains the data dat-shipment containing the type of goods, weight, size, and quantity.
  • Airwaybill is the letter which is provided by the shipping service provider, content in the form name and address of the sender, the name and address of the recipient, the amount of weight, date of transaction, the sender’s signature, and service providers.

The document above must exist for each delivery, in particular for non-document items or packages. But there are also certain items needed for additional documentation such as copies of Business License, Tax ID copy, MSDS (for items that belong to the liquid / hazardous substances), Fumigation Certificate (for goods derived from wood), Quarantine Certificate (for shipments of fruits), Certificate POM (for food), and other documents required in accordance with the type of goods that will be sent.

Usually the complete document above for delivery to overseas and in bulk (cargo)

Contoh invoice sederhana (Sample of invoice)

Contoh invoice sederhana (Sample of invoice)


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