Tips On Choosing A Delivery Service/Expedition To Online Shopping Transaction

The rise of online transactions led to increased use of freight, regardless of the merit of international shipments. This is evidenced by the many emerging business delivery service offering a range of facilities and benefits. There are some tips that you can consider when choosing to use a shipping service include:


1.     Survey

You could do a survey to come directly to the freight / shipping you’ll use.

2.     Credibility and Age Company

Any company that has been using the company’s services. Make sure that the expedition who you uses has a good track record and has been trusted by many people. In addition, see also the age of the company, the credibility of the company is usually directly proportional to the age

3.     Ensure ministry Really Professional

Make sure that the shipping company has a clear consignment note or airwaybill number, good packing, timely delivery, and of course the business license. Moreover that expedition must also have a good system of checking consignment note number (tracking) for checking the delivery status of your online transactions

4.     Shipping Costs to Consider

Have a clear information about the standard shipping cost for the package you will send. Do not be tempted by cheap shipping rates, should be most important: safety of goods

5.     Cheque Guarantee and insurance

It is a bit difficult, but some items are professional services and guarantee a high level of security on the items you want to send.

6.     Never Throw Memorandum Receipt or Delivery Before Items Up To Address

Consignment Note/Airwaybill number is useful later to claim if the goods are damaged, late, or not up to address

7.     If in doubt, do the experiment can be shipping in quantity / value of a small value.

Much a delivery services that good in service delivery and economical price. However, you are a little hesitant to use it, especially if it is new or you’ve never heard before. You can try the service by sending a packet with the quantity/value of a small value first. If the small packages can be sent to either very well, you can try to send the larger packets.


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